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The one who helped quickly, helped twice

08 December 2015 - North-Kazakhstan Region
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Business support centers, which were created in the districts of the region, demonstrate their efficiency

This evidenced by the fact that those who addressed here once for support come back again to ask for more help.

The head of the farm "Doszhan" Sadybek Kamaev addressed to the local branch of Chamber of Entrepreneurs in Ualikhanovsk district of NKR. He came to the BSC for the first time to get an advice on government programs for support of agriculture. The consultants of BSC explained the conditions of the program of the Agricultural Credit Corporation "Sybaga". However, an entrepreneur faced a number of obstacles during collection and submission of the necessary documents for participation in the program.

"First difficulties were with registration of the technical passport at Technical Inventory Bureau, and then in the judiciary bodies with the collateral. Problems arose with the additional agreement on the transformation of land from one type to another, and registration of the contract at the branch of JSC "Agrarian Credit Corporation of NKR". All the obstacles encountered on the way of the entrepreneur were promptly resolved by us, as a result of it Sadybek Kamaev received a loan amounting to more than 9 million tenge. With these funds he bought 54 breeding cows and breeding bulls", - says the director of the local branch of RCE in NKR Batyrkhan Akhmetov.

Recently, an entrepreneur again appealed for help to BSC, but this time, regarding subsidies for previously acquired cattle. He complained that the Department of Agriculture of Ualikhanovsk district refused to accept the application. By the way, a contract with the Agricultural Credit Corporation was signed in September 2015.

"Under the agreement, the period for the purchase of animals shall be two months. Sadybek Kamaev fully obsrrved the deadline, as it was required the cattle was registered on 30th of September this year. After eliminating the cause of the breach of contract, we have held talks with the head of the Department of Agriculture. As it turned out, the reason for refusal was the differences in the databases, but this was not the fault of the entrepreneur", - summed up the director of the branch of RCE of NKR Batyrkhan Akhmetov.

Currently, the data was adjusted and the application was accepted, the farmer is waiting for subsidies.

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