The national chamber of entrepreneurs


ABIYEV Ekpin Abievich

Member of the Regional Council, the director of LLP "Ekpin 2002"

Born on January 1, 1959.
Of 1976-1977. - Mechanic generalist of class III of broad profile (certificate number 8463);
In 1985 he graduated from Tselinograd Agricultural Institute - major "architect";
1985-1987 - Acting Senior superintendent of the farm Bayanaul of Zhambyl region;
1987-1987  - Senior foreman of the farm Almaty of Zhambyl region;
1987-1988  - Master of capital construction of the farm Semipolsky of Sergeevsk district;
1988-1995  - Architect of Zhambylsk district;
since 1995 head of LLP "Ekpin 2002".

BARLUBAEV Nagashybay Sabarovich

Member of the Regional Council of Entrepreneurs of NKR, head of the farm "Arkalyk"

Born on November 22, 1956.
A graduate of Petropavlovsk pedagogical institute (1977, major - teacher of geography and biology).
In 1988 he graduated from the Kurgan Agricultural Institute as an agricultural scientist.
He began his career in 1982, as a teacher of geography and biology of Shchuchyn eight-year program school.
1984-1987 - agronomist of the department number 1 of Roshinsk farm.
1987-1990 - Managing director of the branch # 1 of the farm Pokrovsky in Mamlyut District.
1988-1990 - The chief agronomist of the farm Tokushinsky of Bishkul district
1990-1997 - Director of the farm Andreevski
Since 1997 - the head of the farm "Arkalyk."
Since 2004 - director of LLP "Askhat Agro".