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On the nuances of the law from the first hands

25 January 2017 - North-Kazakhstan Region
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Entrepreneurs received explanations at the site of RCE on the essence of the introduced legislative amendments

Chamber of entrepreneurs has proved to be an effective dialogue platform on which get together business entities and representatives of relevant government agencies. So, during a seminar organized by the department of non-financial support of business, the local business community was explained changes in the tax and customs legislation, which are introduced in 2017.

The keen interest among entrepreneurs arose explanation concerning the changes in indirect taxes introduced from 1st of January 2017. For many the issue of electronic invoices is problematic for doing business. The head of the State Revenue Department D. Kowald commented on it.

Businesses were presented and explained the changes on the compulsory collection of tax debts, as well as rehabilitation of bankrupt enterprises.

The work on the expansion of foreign economic activity of enterprises and orientation to production of export-oriented products, which is one of the trends of economic policy in the country, has also not left out of the attention of the participants of the meeting. The representatives of State Revenue Department S. Lyapina and Zh. Klyukova answered the questions about the changes in the customs legislation and monitoring of foreign funding of entrepreneurial activity of business subjects.

Such meetings at the Chamber are always accompanied by a full house. It is important that entrepreneurs leave the event with the first-hand explanation of the current legislation. Questions not answered during the meeting were taken under control. The outcome of each event is spread of relevant information in the business environment.


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