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China is interested in North Kazakhstani linseed oil

- North-Kazakhstan Region
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The entrepreneur from Zhambyl district of North Kazakhstani region is ready to supply almost 10 thousand tons of products to the Celestial Empire.

The company "Dynasty Agro", a manufacturer of natural food unrefined linseed oil, although a newcomer to the market, has already achieved serious success. The Oilseeds Processing Plant launched on 16th of December 2016 already works for export

"Our workshop is located in a promising and favorable area for the cultivation of oilseeds in the North-Kazakhstan region. Accordingly, there will be no problems with raw materials. Last year about 26 thousand hectares were sown here. Moreover, we, too, sow our fields with oil-bearing crops. The equipment at the enterprise is new, it was installed recently", - said Ilya Kan, director of LLP Dynasty Agro.

 40 million tenge of own financial resources were invested to implement the project, and Kumar Aksakalov, akim of North Kazakhstan region, received a loan of 27.5 million KZT from the second-tier bank. Borrowed funds went to purchase a filling line and molds for making their own bottles with the company's logo.

"At the moment, we are processing at least 20 tons per day, we can get the output of 6-7 thousand tons of buttermilk. The company is young, but with ambitious goals for the future: our oil is already being sold not only in Kazakhstan, but also abroad, namely in China, where the demand is particularly high. Our first partner, after discussing the terms of cooperation and excursions around the shop, was ready to sign a contract for 5,000 tons of oil. At the moment, there have already been shipment for two customers. Now we are actively negotiating with four more companies, each of which is ready to purchase up to 1-2 thousand tons", - Ilya said.

Ilya Kan was able to meet with the Chinese partners at the forum of entrepreneurs in Khorgos, organized by JSC ICBC "Khorgos", the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs RK "Atameken" and the Chamber of Commerce of Kazakhstan. In the same place, the entrepreneur established the necessary contacts for further work. A businessman admits such events are a unique opportunity for newcomers to make themselves known.

 "Undoubtedly, this kind of events should be held for effective cooperation between Kazakhstan and China, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. During the event favorable conditions for mutually beneficial acquaintances and establishing business ties are created, there is an opportunity for personal acquaintance and negotiation with potential and current buyers from China. For example, we managed not only to listen to the speeches of entrepreneurs and investors, but also to conduct productive negotiations with four Chinese companies, with whom we are now at the stage of signing contracts and in the process of preparing products for shipment", - noted the director of Dynasty Agro.

 It should be noted that this year there will be the largest wedge of oil crops in the North Kazakhstan region. It is planned to sow 2012 hectares more of oilseed plants than in previous years.



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