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Vacuum cleaner, an iron and a telephone were won by the participants of the campaign "Request a check - win a prize!"

- North-Kazakhstan Region
3181 просмотров

In July, North-Kazakhstani residents sent almost three times more checks than in June.

Having analyzed 11704 checks sent by North-Kazakhstani residents over the past month, a computer program through a number generator has identified three lucky ones.

"I learned about the campaign for the first time from the Internet, then on television showed a story about the winners of the past months. I decided to participate. When I found out that I won, I was pleasantly surprised. I participate for the first time, I will continue to do so, especially since last year the main prize went to Petropavlovsk, it is very stimulating", - the winner, Askar Sautov, shared.

Since 1st of May the Republican campaign "Demand a check- win a prize!" has been launched. Ruffle is held monthly. On 9th North-Kazakhstani residents sent their "happy" checks. As the organizers note, the purpose of the campaign is to educate the citizens' legal culture and reduce the size of the shadow economy.

The campaign is carried out with the support of NCE "Atameken". Sponsors are entrepreneurs of the region. This time the prizes were provided by the company "SCK" - an Internet supermarket of home appliances, electronics and furniture.

"The first prize we have is a vacuum cleaner, the second one is a radiotelephone and the third is an iron. We thank our sponsors for their support. We have three winners, two of them from Petropavlovsk and one from the district. So, we can safely say that the action is becoming popular not only in the regional center, but also in the countryside", - said expert of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs SKR Lina Ermolaeva.

We note that the campaign will last until 30th of November. Anyone can take part in it. To do this, you need to download the Wipon application to your smartphone and use it to send photo checks to SRC of SKR. Grand final will be held at the end of the year, where the main prize will be drawn - the car.

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