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Three elements of a successful business

23 February 2017 - North-Kazakhstan Region

In Petropavlovsk the Chamber of Entrepreneurs presented the pilot project of training “Bastau Business”

Hurry, hurry, hurry! Apply for a training under the program for the development of productive employment and large scale entrepreneurship “Bastau Business". This is a unique project developed by the National Chamber for better training of Kazakhstani residents to basics of business. It differs from other training programs. For example, to start training, the applicant must pass the test, which will show the level of human interest in opening their own business and help weed out those, who are not fully confident in their own abilities. Those who can prove that they are ready to take the first step toward their dream, begin practical training in groups on the basis of business mentoring and individual counseling. Then they will prepare business projects and, most importantly, in the course of the year the projects will be get full support. "The aim of the project – to training of entrepreneurial skills "Bastau Business" - an increase in economic activity of the rural population through the attraction of self-employed and unemployed population to entrepreneurship activity," - said the expert of the unit of non-financial business support of RCE Gulnur Tabyldieva.

Another feature of "Bastau Business" is that the listener from the first day is completely "immersed" in a business project. Course duration – is 30 days. Learning format has also changed. The process necessarily includes individual counseling as well as training to public speaking skills in order to protect the project for funding. After the certificates are issued, the recipients have an important advantage. In their presence the listeners have the opportunity to receive micro-credit at 6% per annum. Thus, the project “Bastau Business” combines three important components of a successful business - training, funding and support.

The project starts immediately in 5 districts: M. Zhumabayev, G. Musrepov, Akzhar, Taynsha and Ualihanov. It is planned that about 1,000 people will be trained. The schedule of training has already been posted on the website of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of SKR, as it is published in the media.


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