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Omar Kharbedia "The National Chamber of Entrepreneurs allows business to evolve"

14 June 2017 - North-Kazakhstan Region
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The director of LLP "NK-CARGO" Omari Kharbedia told about this on the eve of the IV Congress of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs RK "Atameken", which will be held in Astana on 14th of June in an interview with our website.

 - Omari Omianovich, next week the Congress of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Atameken" will take place, it can be said, this is the main event of the year in the business environment. This year a big delegation will represent our region in Astana. What proposals for discussion were prepared?

- Yes, indeed this year a big delegation will come from our region. It included members of the Regional Council, respected businessmen of the region, who represent different spheres of business, directors of branches of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs, as well as representatives of the Council of Businesswomen. For discussion during the plenary sessions that will be held during the congress, we sent three proposals regarding the installation of control meters at oil depots and gas stations, the long terms of issuance of a veterinary certificate, the prohibition of the importation of chassis for oil and gas equipment based on the KRAZ vehicle produced in Ukraine in through transit territory of Russia to the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

- By the way about the problems, how do you assess the development of business in the region and with what problems do entrepreneurs often address to the Regional Council?

- Recently, our region was visited by the Chairman of the Presidium of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of RK "Atameken" Timur Kulibayev. At the meeting with him, we raised the most urgent and acute problems. For example, regarding the low availability of financial resources for small businesses in rural areas. This is now one of the main problems in the area of ​​entrepreneurship in the region. There are problems in the sphere of public procurement, unfair competition in the sphere of passenger transportation. Today, due to the increase in the number of illegal taxis, official carriers (inter-district, inter-city) incur significant losses. Many routes of intraregional bus services are closed. Part of the problematic issues, as I said earlier, we submitted for discussion at the congress. We hope for a positive result.

- How do you assess the work of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the North-Kazakhstan region?

 - 3 years have already passed since the establishment of the regional Chamber of Entrepreneurs. During this time, we passed the stage of formation, which was characterized by the need to strengthen its positions, both for the business community and local executive bodies. At the first stage, a lot of work was done to build and strengthen the confidence of the business community in the Chamber, significant results of our activities were demonstrated, local painful zones of entrepreneurship of the region were identified. The focus on the first stage of activity laid the foundation for solving systemic issues for this year. One of the main activities is the protection of business rights and the reduction of administrative barriers, as well as the popularization of business among the population.

- What tasks does the Chamber of Entrepreneurs now set for itself?

 - Together with local executive bodies, we developed the Road Map, which defines the main vector of development of small and medium business in the region. It reflects the main problematic issues. Within the framework of the map, it is planned to provide online access to information on land plots and connection to engineering and communication networks, to create full-scale service centers for entrepreneurs, to allocate free areas for trade and catering, to create small industrial zones, to improve the activities of advisory bodies, increase local content in procurement of local executive bodies, strengthening the role of regional development institutions (social-entrepreneurial corporations, the region investment centers, microfinance institutions), the transfer of functions of conclusion of investment contracts and the provision of investment preferences to the regional level. To implement all these tasks, we developed an action plan. In addition, now, we will step up work to expand the partnership between our region and China. We already have positive examples of mutually beneficial cooperation.

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