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3D-printer of its own assembly was invented in North-Kazakhstan

27 July 2017 - North-Kazakhstan Region
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9 winners of the regional contest-exhibition very soon will take part in the republican stage, where they intend to present goods of various directions from food to high-tech. According to the director of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of North-Kazakhstan region, Turar Iskakov, SKR is represented by worthy entrepreneurs who have all the chances to win cherished statuettes.


Newest technologies

JSC "Plant named after S.M. Kirov" will present to the audience, perhaps one of the most amazing scientific developments of the XXI century - a 3D printer. This is a special device for outputting 3D data. It should be noted that the plant is the only manufacturer of this know-how in Kazakhstan. As you know, a 3D printer can print anything, this innovative product can be used both in medicine and in construction. By the way, according to market analysis, the demand for a 3D printer is growing at a rapid pace.

"Our products are able to compete not only on the Kazakhstan market, but also abroad. High quality printing and a large amount of printing, together with an acceptable price, in the near future will provide the demand for this 3D printer from different segments of the population. This will allow to use it in various fields: science, education, industry, as well as amateur modeling", - says Marketing expert of JSC "Plant named after C.M. Kirova" Victoria Motz.

  Clever approach

Today, LLP “Severmontazhavtomatika” is one of the leaders of the regional market of electrical installation services in the housing construction segment, one of the two regional manufacturers of electrical equipment and the only company that provides the entire range of services for the installation of the Smart House system.

"For us, participation in the competition is a high trust on the part of our clients, and of course a good advertisement for the company. If we talk about how we differ from others, I believe that we solve the most widespread and resource-consuming problem of our customers - the need for a long-term design of all systems by different engineering companies and the subsequent coordination of these projects", -noted the commercial director of LLP “Severmontazhavtomatika” Alexander Kapitonov.

Super drilling rig!

The goods of another North Kazakhstani company are in great demand, but not only in the region, but far beyond its borders. LLP "Plant of multiprofile equipment", which specializes in manufacturing parts and assemblies of various metal products, foundry and forged blanks. Also, the enterprise is the main domestic producer of drilling equipment for the extraction of solid minerals.

"Since 2012 our products have become export-oriented. Today, deliveries are made to Russia and Uzbekistan. Demand in the CIS countries is due to the fact that our equipment is adapted to work in harsh climatic conditions. It is characterized by reliability, high quality and competitive prices", - said Elena Orlova, leading marketing and sales specialist at LLP “ZMO”.

The future of waste recycling

North Kazakhstani entrepreneurs will present at the exhibition one more high-tech production. LLP "Soltustik rubber recycling" is the only specialized enterprise in the field, which provides services for the processing of waste tires into granules. SKR has about 18 thousand tons of waste tires annually, which have to be recycled and processed. Thanks to the trauma-safe coatings for children's playgrounds, which the company produces, parents can be calm. However, their products are used anywhere, sidewalks, garages and even livestock farms, and in the latter case, scientists have proven that the yield of cows living on such coverage is increasing.

"We are going to Astana so that, as they say "to show ourselves and look at others". We hope that, given that the exhibition is held at the time of EXPO-2017, a large number of people will visit it, which means advertising for us and great opportunities to find foreign partners", - said Igor Mashkovets, head of the trading department at LLP “Soltustik rubber recycling”.


The factory supplied its products to soldiers

LLP "Petropavlovsk vodka plant BN". The plant is deservedly recognized as an enterprise with a unique history and stable reputation. The plant takes its history at the beginning of the 20th century with a small distillery in Nizhny Novgorod. During the Second World War in order to preserve production, the enterprise was evacuated to Petropavlovsk. High quality products are in great demand in Azerbaijan and Turkey.

 Quality is confirmed by years of impeccable reputation

However, North Kazakhstan region, produces not only high-tech and innovative products. They also produce high-quality furniture. SP "Levin" is one of the oldest productions in the region. Its origin has been taking since 1987. The five-step technology of manufacture of furniture is used at the enterprise. According to the entrepreneur, only a competent approach allowed the company to survive in the harsh 1990s. Division of labor, the conveyor mode of production and control allowed us to retain prices while maintaining a decent quality.

"During the time of working in the furniture market, our company has accumulated a lot of experience in implementing major projects with solid customers. And we have proved to be a professional, prompt and reliable partner. We hope that the exhibition will also be attended by both foreign and local companies, as we are open to cooperation and exchange of experience ", - said the director of SP "Levin" Vladimir Levin.


Sweet teeth will love it

The North is famous not only for furniture, but also for confectionery. LLP "ViZaVi Company" is a participant and prize-winner of regional and international competitions and exhibitions. The enterprise started its activity in 2004. Then the company employed only three people, it produced 5 items. Now the number of staff is 165 people. The company produces about 60 types of sweets. In addition, the enterprise uses 80% of domestic raw materials in production.

"The real home taste, the original recipes of great-grandmothers and own inventions, plus the company's quality - that's the difference and the motto of the company for many years!" - Leyla Saidasheva, the director of LLP ViZaVi Сompany, the chairman of the council of businesswomen of RCE of NKR, shares the secret of success.

Honey – is crucial

North Kazakhstani honey made a sensation in China, now entrepreneurs want to impress residents and guests of Astana. Moreover, it will be their debut. It should be noted that the company SP “Pilipushko” is only two years, but it is one of the largest producers of honey and bee products in the region. At the moment the enterprise has 200 bee families of the "Carpathian" breed, which collect and process about 12 varieties of honey and "api" - bee products. Collection of a large number of varieties of honey is achieved due to the fact that the apiary is "nomadic".

"We collect honey throughout the territory of our region, which shows a 100% content of the domestic product in honey. In production, we use advanced technologies in the field of pumping honey and in the collection of bee products. We took a loan for the purchase of electric honey centrifuge at the Fund for Financial Support in 2015, which replace the work of 4 people and improve the quality and increase the amount of pumped honey", - said the entrepreneur Yaroslav Pilipushko.

New milk startup of NKR

Another "newcomer" is LLP KazMolTorg. The enterprise is just one year, but they have already positively proved to be successful on the market. Today, the plant produces 12 types of dairy products, it processes 10 to 18 tons of milk per day. The company's products can be seen on the shelves of three major cities of Kazakhstan and two of RF.

"Our main concept is the production of 100% natural products. This position is already appreciated not only in Petropavlovsk, but in all of Kazakhstan, as well as in neighboring Russia", - said Zoya Kolosova, the head of the personnel department of LLP “KazMoldTorg”. On 28th of July 28 the republican stage of one of the main competitions of the country "The Best Goods of Kazakhstan" will be held in Astana. In addition, within the framework of the contest-exhibition, meetings will take place in the B2B format, as well as forums where entrepreneurs will be able to communicate, establish new contacts and exchange experiences.

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