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18 December 2015 - North-Kazakhstan Region
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More than 2 million students have undergone labor practice under the agreement concluded between RCE, enterprises and educational institutions

In total there were signed 71 tripartite agreements.

As it was noted by the director of RCE of NKR Turar Iskakov, in the framework of the Road Map of the dual training with the direct participation of experts of RCE were developed 21 pilot curriculum. And to help educational institutions developed a model curriculum of a typical course of training, retraining and advanced training with the amount of training time allocated for internship of up to 60%.

"In addition, akimat of the region places the state educational order for training, taking into account the recommendations of RCE on the basis of the identified need, which is determined on the basis of a survey of 462 business entities. If in 2015 the demand for specialists of higher, technical and vocational education was 8884 person, then in 2016 a little lower - 8118 people ", - continued Turar Iskakov.

At the same time, he stressed that the Chamber of entrepreneurs assisted colleges in determining the enterprises for training and professional development of engineering-pedagogical workers. Since the beginning of the year 27 teachers from 12 VET educational institutions undergone internship at the enterprises of the region, and 64 raised their qualification.

"Our employees read to trainees, teachers, undergoing further training, lectures about the formation and the role of human capital, the development of the dual training, as well as the practical training at enterprises. All programs of training courses are developed with the consideration of the Chamber’s advice", - said the head of RCE.

Employees of the department of human capital development are actively working on amendments and proposals to be introduced in RLAs in VET organizations. From the beginning, they prepared proposals for amendments to 30 RLAs, participated in the certification of 4 colleges and licensing of 4 specialties.

In order to acquire knowledge and skills by the staff of enterprises and students of VET institutions, there are 4 training centers in the area, 3 of which are open at the initiative of the Chamber. Since its launch 1484 specialist passed training, retraining. In addition, in October of this year there was completed work on the creation of a training center for specialists of agriculture and processing industry at Esil Agricultural College.

"This year, for the development of effective career guidance at the initiative of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs in Petropavlovsk and areas of the region opened 2 centers and 41 offices, where 1344 career guidance activities were held for students. And in February of last year was launched a pilot project – a business school for graduate students of non-economic specialties on the basis of the North-Kazakhstan professional-pedagogical college. Currently, similar business schools were opened at 14 institutions of technical and vocational education in the region ", - concluded the director of RCE of NKR.

Summing up the results of the work of the priority direction "Development of Human Capital", Turar Iskakov noted the positive results of the participation of North Kazakhstan enterprises, many of which are the social partners of the Chamber in the implementation of the Road Map of the dual training in the Republican contest "Altyn Sapa" and "Best Product of Kazakhstan".

Recall that in this year's National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan "Atameken" acted for the first time as the organizer of these activities.

"I want to express my gratitude to companies in the region, which took part in the competition for the prize of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Altyn Sapa" and "Best Product of Kazakhstan", and once again to congratulate Petropavlovsk Heavy Engineering Plant with a victory in the nomination" The best company for production purposes" among the entities of large scale entrepreneurship ", - said the director of RCE of NKR Turar Iskakov.

He also congratulated the winners of the special prize of NCE RK "Atameken" "Іsker" and competition "Paryz" - IE "Streletz A.V." and LLP "Petropavlovsk Plant of Building Materials".

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