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Students of Kyzylzhar district were told about the benefits of state programs

25 October 2016 - North-Kazakhstan Region
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The campaign of promotion of entrepreneurship among young people continues among regional college students

What is student life? It is an unforgettable, carefree time. However, in today's world, it is necessary to set specific goals in this period of life, to secure a comfortable future. This was said by employees of the branch of the Chamber of entrepreneurs to the students of Kyzylzhar Agrarian Technical College. For three years the college is actively cooperating with the branch of RCE, which, in turn, assists students in finding employment for the period of practical training in specialties: "gas and arc welder", "cook", "seller" to the objects of business entities.

Promotion campaign is held in the region on regular basis. Today the topic of the meeting with the youth is - "state programs and business support measures". The children were told how easy it is now to open a business, the main thing – is desire. The most interesting for students has become a topic of public grants. Young people who have expressed a desire to try their hand in business, will be given full support, said branch manager of Kyzylzhar district of RCE of NKR Askar Nurmukanov. Moreover, those who are just thinking about starting a business will be able to further familiarize themselves with the typical business plan and support tools in the library. Specially for this purpose the branch of RCE presented to the college literature: the book "100 projects for small business", booklets and magazines.

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