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01 November 2016 - North-Kazakhstan Region
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 Ayrtau district branch of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs has successfully completed training within the component "Business Growth"

24 active entrepreneurs representing various industries got certificates of satisfactory completion, which are in demand in the business environment. For them was designed the course "Business Growth" with the help of which listeners increase entrepreneurial competence, acquire functional areas of knowledge and business development.

Rural entrepreneurs are attracted by the fact that the training in the framework of the project "Business School" available for small and medium businesses is absolutely free of charge. Visiting course was a debut for Stanislav Chukuev in the capacity of a business coach of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of SKR.

"I often attend various seminars and trainings and I can say that presentation of information at "Business Growth" was very good, competent. "Business School" - is an excellent opportunity to add and to update knowledge, to improve skills of doing business", - shared his opinion one of the listeners the head of the farm "Sheremet" Lidia Vladmirovna.

 "I first attended a course "Business Advisor" and then came to the "Business Growth". Recently I was at the training project "Business Communications" in Astana. I note that North Kazakhstani business coaches are in no way inferior to the professionals of the capital. We learn a lot of interesting techniques of negotiation, of establishing sales, marketing. The most important - in the process of learning is exchange of views, which inspired us not to follow the regular pattern, but to be more emotional and open", - said Zamzagul Baymanova.

District branch keeps on monitoring the implementation of the project "Business School", which involves several stages for entrepreneurs, "Business Advisor", "Business Growth" and Project-based learning with mentoring principles. With trained entrepreneurs conducted individual work at the choice of the future projects that will be in demand in the area. Good help in it is the business directory "100 projects for small business", - said the head of the branch Daniyar Kalymov.

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