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Budding businessman will be monitored by the prosecutor's office

17 November 2016 - North-Kazakhstan Region
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In the region began the implementation of the third direction of the "Roadmap" - "Large scale business development"

At the Chamber of entrepreneurs was held a meeting of the working group on the implementation of the third direction of the "Roadmap". Starting from next week, the working group, composed of representatives of JSC "KazAgro", "Agrarian Credit Corporation", the second-tier banks, microcredit organizations, local executive and regulatory bodies, will go to the areas. In each rural district a group of 20 people will meet with the villagers. Their main task - to hold a large-scale action on the opening of business and public lighting programs directly aimed at the development of entrepreneurship in rural areas. The first visitors from the region met in Kyzylzhar and Mamlyut Districts.

"Those who start their own business will be monitored by the regional prosecutor's office. The working group will also provide them advice and legal assistance with the registration at the State Revenue Department, obtaining permits, business plans and more. That is, the full support for each project from the beginning to its full realization will be provided", - said the prosecutor of the unit of the prosecutor's office Aytugan Kaskerbaev.

The launch of the third direction in this region will occur not by chance. Because of its proximity to the regional center, they have great prospects for development. Mamlyutsk borders with the Kurgan region of the Russian Federation and in the event of entry to a neighboring market may increase state budget, as well as improve the living standards of the region. By the way, the representatives of the working group want to achieve such a result. "As a result, we see the socio-economic development of regions, improving living standards of citizens, creating new jobs, as well as the transition of the citizens of the self-employed category, in an actively developing business", - said Kaskerbaev.

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