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21 December 2016 - North-Kazakhstan Region
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Branches of the Chamber of entrepreneurs actively implement training projects on the basics of entrepreneurship for senior pupils and students

So, in Aiyrtau district, at one of the colleges was held a seminar for students on the topic "From social modernization to a strong state and a united nation".

The children were introduced to one of the most important tools for the development of the country - the state youth policy. As it was noted by the coaches, the youth is the most promising target of public investment, so the problem of socio-political, socio-economic, spiritual and cultural development of young people is one of the priority tasks of the country's development. Students, who in a few years will face a choice to go to work by trade or to start their own business, were quite interested in the project "School of the young entrepreneur", designed for disclosure of innovative and entrepreneurial potential of young people. "For two weeks, students are introduced to the world of business, they learn how to make the first steps. Those who during this time will be able to feel they are doing the right choice, will be able to participate in the competition for grant funding or qualify for loan guarantees within the first direction of the Program "Roadmap of business-2020", - summed up the director of the Aiyrtau District Branch of RCE of NKR .

Meanwhile, Kyzylzhar District Branch of the Chamber in conjunction with the educational institutions sums up the results of the year. In total 21 events were held within the line of career guidance. These are off site spray seminars in rural districts, where the meetings were organized with the subjects of business, training sessions and tours for schoolchildren. Recently, students of one of the high schools visited the enterprise LLP "Bishkulsky experimental machine-building plant". During the meeting, the guys got acquainted with the activity of the only in the area ​​machine-building enterprise. Production of concrete-mixing units, mixers, lifts, mast, thermal heaters, metal casting on gasified models was launched here. The main purpose of such actions – is to familiarize students with the working trades. On the example of LLP "BEMZ", students learned what does it mean to be a design engineer, a foundry, a welder, a lathe and a painter.


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