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18 January 2017 - North-Kazakhstan Region
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Branches of the Chamber of entrepreneurs conduct monitoring among entrepreneurs, who turn to them for support

So, Head of SP "Akmol Nan" Nazarbay Kaliev became a frequent visitor and participant of the events, conducted by branch of RCE in M.Zhumabayev district.

N. Kaliev – is a participant of the state program for support of business "Roadmap of Employment - 2020", received microcredit for livestock. In November 2016 he underwent training under the program "Improving the skills of executives and managers in the economic sphere for the implementation of the project "Business Communication" within the Unified program of support and development of business" Roadmap for business-2020".

In the coming year 2017, N.Kaliev together with the consultant of BSC O. Zhumabekova develops business project on the topic: "Mini goat farm on breeding of dairy goats". Since this is a new direction of business in the district, N. Kaliev has the opportunity to receive a grant in the amount of 3 million tenge within the program "Business Road Map 2020”.

The main product of a mini-farm – is pasteurized goat's milk with a shelf life of 10 days. The target consumer group of the planned goat breeding mini-farm will be the population of nearby settlements, districts and Petropavlovsk.

Plans of SP "AK-MOT NAS" include the creation of the future plant for the production of their products from goat's milk and its sale. The increase in milk production will require the opening of its own refining capacity, which will receive the greatest benefit from the milk production and create new jobs. Food made at the dairy farm will be produced under the trade mark "GOAT MILK" in a wide range. It is planned to install lines for the production of UHT milk, cheese, brynza, cottage cheese, yogurt, and so on.

"Opening a business, I can safely say that the goat has a great future and the profitability is in the dairy direction, we just need to support and to work on it", - said Kaliev. An entrepreneur added that these products are increasingly gaining popularity among the population, and entrepreneurs can receive a grant for the implementation of productive business ideas with the support of the state.

Rural entrepreneurs are confident in the support of its initiatives on the part of the branches of the Chamber.

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