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Lack of collateral does not allow rural entrepreneurs to get a loan

- North-Kazakhstan Region
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This was reported by Natalya Lazareva, the director of the branch of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Zhambyl district of North Kazakhstan region. Since the beginning of the year, the district branch received 268 applications, 54 of which concern legal issues.
During the meeting of the Regional Council in Zhambyl district, issues of entrepreneurship development and problems that should be solved in partnership with state bodies were discussed. It should be noted that 800 business entities are registered in the region, 682 of them are active, including 72 limited partnerships, 431 individual entrepreneurs and 179 farms.
"We conducted an analysis of appeals and identified the actual problems that our businessmen face. This is the lack of collateral in the required amount to obtain borrowed funds for the opening of the business object. In addition, JSC "FPFA" does not consider applications for the acquisition of real estate properties of existing SAP, that is, they agree to finance the acquisition of equipment, but not the building itself. Getting a loan is available to an operating, developing business, to a population with an entrepreneurial initiative", -says Natalia Lazareva, director of the Zhambyl branch of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of North Kazakhstan region.
Also, rural entrepreneurs raised issues of road repair, the disparity of fines for violations, as well as the need to equip with video cameras objects of trade and adjacent territories. The members of the Regional Council told about what video cameras are needed and how they can help an entrepreneur.
"This is necessary both for the control of the object, and within the "anti-terror program". These requirements do not depend on the size of the objects and their location, city or village. You have to understand that these cameras are your assistants. For example, to one of the members of the Council of Businesswomen, their presence helped to win the case in court. I propose, to solve the problem now, while the price of equipment is acceptable", - said the member of the Regional Council of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of NKR Vladimir Bogdanov.
In addition, the members of the Regional Council told entrepreneurs about the benefits of working with electronic invoices. In which the full information about the goods is indicated and it does not require large material costs.
Director of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of NKR Turar Iskakov noted that the latest measurements of business showed that the work of local executive bodies should be strengthened in several directions at once.
"As the latest measurements show, the work of state bodies should focus on the following areas: providing online access to information on land plots and connecting to engineering and communication networks, creating full-format Centers for servicing entrepreneurs, creation of small industrial zones", - said Turar Iskakov.
Constructive dialogue with state agencies is established, says Natalia Lazareva, director of the branch of RCE in NKR. Interaction is carried out through participation in advisory bodies.
"There is mutual understanding and interaction with local executive bodies, supervisory bodies and the branch of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs, and further joint work will contribute to the achievement of the goal of creating favorable conditions for the development of entrepreneurship in the district", -Natalia Lazareva, director of the Zhambyl district branch of RCE of North Kazakhstan region, summed up.

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