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Everything is in our hands, the main thing – is to want

09 February 2017 - North-Kazakhstan Region
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Tools for support of entrepreneurship will help to achieve the indicators that put by the President of the country, says a businessman from NKR Kuat Aitzhanov

Dreams come true, and even more, said with confidence the businesswoman from Zhambyl district of North Kazakhstan region. The young man thanks to the state program "Roadmap of business-2020" opened a printing and design studio "TumarArt". Previously he was engaged in the creation of video films, he conducted photo shoots, designed wedding albums, but always wanted to open his own studio. And the first step to the dream was training with the project "Business Advisor". Then, everything has happed that he could not even imagine. Employees of the Chamber of entrepreneurs of the branch familiarized him with the training program "Business Communication", the main purpose of which is:

  • Training of top managers to the latest models of building and running a business;
  • Increasing competitiveness, survival and growth of sustainable enterprises;
  • Increased level of entrepreneurship among population.

After training, Kuat could go for an internship to Germany, Dresden. "Here, I have gained invaluable experience and business knowledge of the modern world. As a highly skilled entrepreneur, I can create at home a competitive company by international standards, to create a huge number of jobs and to contribute to the development of Kazakhstan's economy in the future. The President in his Address spoke about this. Everyone should understand that everything is in our hands, the main thing – is to want. My example shows how a man from the village thanks to the support of the state could be trained abroad. And because the current Address mostly refers to the development of small and medium-sized businesses in the country, support tools, and learning entrepreneurial business will increase and it means that we will achieve those figures, which set the President of Kazakhstan", - shared his opinion an entrepreneur Kuat Aitzhanov.

This year, he filed an application to participate in the contest "The Best Product of Kazakhstan" in the nomination "The best goods for the population." He says the victory – is not the main thing, the main thing – is to dream on a grand scale and to make every effort to make these dreams come true.


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