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Excitement around applications on subsidies for investment

09 November 2016 - North-Kazakhstan Region
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A record number of applications was received by the branch of the Chamber of entrepreneurs of Mamlyut District

As soon as the Ministry of Agriculture announced the start of acceptance of applications for subsidies investment, the branch of the Chamber works non-stop. The manager consultant Oksana Kamaletdinova literally has no free minute. She escorts 26 projects within the subsidy program to compensate part of the costs incurred by the subjects of agrarian and industrial complex upon investments. These rules are intended to compensate the investors’ costs from 20 to 80% on the purchase of machinery and equipment since 1st of January 2014. "Under this program, we explained details to the potential investors, they also assisted in the collection of the necessary documents and prepared the applications. An investor can only pass the entire package of documents to the Ministry of Agriculture. The total cost of investment is more than 300 million tenge, which will reimburse the state to peasants of Mamlyut District", - said the manager consultant Oksana Kamaletdinova.

Naturally, there are a lot of those wishing to take advantage of this support. Zabken Shayakhin, one of these, says that without the help of experts of the Chamber would not understand. "In 2014 through KazAgroFinance I acquired combine harvester, but then I did not think that the state will render this support", - says the director of "Senim" Zabken Shayahin. - I would like to express my gratitude for the assistance rendered to me  by the specialists of the district branch of the Chamber of entrepreneurs. I just had to bring the necessary documents, and then take away the finished documents to the regional center ", - says the agricultural producer.

Employment in the branch is actively underway in other areas, so the consultants designed applications for state programs in the field of crop production to reduce the price of petroleum products and the cost of subsidizing the cost of herbicides. Applications for subsidies from 18 agricultural producers totaling 7,255,300 million tenge were approved.

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